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Here’s the Main Reasons Adult Education is Broken and I’ll Prove It To You

Is Adult Education Broken?

Is Adult Education Broken by Diane Shawe Author (4)

Adult education has become undervalued in an overpriced educational infrastructure.

The people who need the most help are already systematically ripped off by greedy loan companies, NHS parking, having to pay charges for drawing out their own money from private ATM machines in poorer boroughs, pre-paid electric meter’s to name but a few.

The more you seem to need help the more you seem to have to pay.

Off course, the arguments are always about risk, but to compound on top of their needs, a premium, just to make sure the risk is compensated for is questionable indeed. But another kind of ripping off is taking place. ‘Free online education’ you may ask ‘why is this a rip-off people”?
I will answer this from my perspective initially and then make further arguments as to why we should be very concerned about this un-policed, unchallenged butchery of the values originally infused into our adult educational system.

Is Adult Education Broken by Diane Shawe Author (2)So if you all but think Adult Education is Broken and all but given up, this book spills the beans on what has gone wrong, what questions need to be addressed and if certain issues are tackled by Government, then there’s Hope,

As Isaac Asimov—a master of science fiction literature—once said:

“No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into
          account not only the world as it is but the world as it will be.”

So the big Question is – What has happened?

  • Why have these large institutions priced education out of some fundamental principles?
  • Why on the other spectrum are all these free courses flooded the market?
  • How can we make the new economic age enhance, rather than diminish, our quality of learning?
  • How can we make this amazing innovation advance the prospects of all people especially those with or without experience and not just for the youth?

It is clear that at this moment most educational systems are not keeping pace with changing technology and the ever-evolving world of work.

Is Adult Education Broken by Diane Shawe Author (5)
“If unemployment formed a country it would be the 5th largest in the world”

                                                  Isaac Asimov

Not enough people are thinking strategically enough in this area.  Fundamentally, we need to change what people learn, how people learn, when people learn, and even why people learn.

We must get beyond the traditional model of students sitting passively in classrooms, following instructions and memorising material that they are tested and scored on which sometimes turn out to be of little use in an every changing economy.

“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those
                                     who can best manage change.”                       Darwin

Throughout the ages, every human society has experienced challenges adjusting to population growth, maintaining structural order and creating channels for future generations. How well a society prepares the next generation for survival is imperative for the society as a whole but we have stalled in this process.

There seems to be a range of systemic failures such as

: failure to find a formula to develop teachers convergent and divergent Is Adult Education Broken by Diane Shawe Author (3)facilitating skills
: failure to consider cultural relevance
: failure to develop enterprising and entrepreneurial skills
: failure to prepare about taking personal responsibility
: failure to provide adequate technology and supporting curriculum
: failure to encourage international engagement
: failure to manage growth of academic misconduct

Diane Shawe Author states that “the traditional belief that we must prepare ourselves to be ‘employable’ is under threat. The counter argument encourages us to ‘gear up’ for earning our own money, rather than seeing income as someone else’s responsibility”

With the population dramatically aging and low-level jobs increasingly swallowed up by machinery, entrepreneurship will be a necessity for many, rather than a lifestyle choice for some.

SMEs are of course already leading this charge but in order to gear up for the future we need to start off by asking a serious question, defining criteria’s and examining trends, impact these trends will have and plan a way to jointly prepare current and future generations to be both employable and entrepreneurial.

We are living in a new economy—powered by technology, fueled by information, and driven by knowledge. And we are entering the new century with an opportunity on our side but huge problems that require new thinking.

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Is Adult Education Broken by Diane Shawe Author (12)

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Diane Shawe launches Switch Momentum Summer TrainingBootcamp for teenagers


Switch Momentum 5 Week Summer Program

Switch on your Momentum!

By Arub Masoodi BA (Hons)
Public Relations Intern, Academy of Vocational and Professional Training LTD

Switch Momentum Summer Program

AVPT has started a unique 5 week summer program for youth that is unemployed or simply bored at home. The purpose is to equip teenagers and young adults with important soft skills and motivate them towards employment.

For those who don’t know, soft skills are attributes that enrich a person’s individual interactions and job skills. Skills like public speaking, project management, time management, and critical thinking are among the many important skills offered.

There is a serious crime problem among the youth today creating a situation where many teenagers and young adults are prisoners in their own home due to fear of falling victim to gang related crimes in their neighbourhood or fear of being pressured to join a gang.

Diane Shawe, CEO and Founder of AVPT Global saw an opportunity to be an advocate for these youths and offered company resources, staff and courses free of charge in order to inspire, motivate and empower young adults with courses covering a wide range of vital skills. Their financial background or neighbourhood of residence has no bearing on whether they can sign up for switch momentum or on what they can achieve.

Certified motivational speakers and soft skill facilitators are present to teach our summer courses. Soft skills for a job or business start up such as critical thinking, problem solving, creating a dynamic job portfolio, business start-up boot camp, budgeting and money, and courses to energize the mind such as confidence building, public speaking are among the several courses offered in the program.

There are prizes and give-aways offered as well. Among them:

1) Scholarship Den: Pitch a business or community project idea to win £2000 worth of soft-skills courses and funding.

2) Switch Momentum 2014 marketing campaign contest: pitch marketing ideas for next year’s summer program to win the latest technology.

3) An interview to win an exclusive internships and apprenticeships.

This fabulous summer program will be offered from our prestigious office on New Broad Street, just moments away from Liverpool Street Station. We’ve got the passion, but we also need your help and support. It doesn’t matter how you choose to help us, but any help will do so please do so!

For the summer program, we need:

  • Give-aways such as business books vouchers, shirt retailers vouchers, note pads and pens
  • To raise £20k to pay for room hire, travel expenses, course material, video equipment hire
  • Guest speakers & travel expenses
  • Food, snacks and beverages
  • Printing, promotions and prizes

Switch Momentum Course List
To find out more, please see Switch Momentum\SM sponsorship proposal May 2013.pdf or email cleo@acee.org.uk directly.


Switch on your Momentum! Program Begins 29th July 2013